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The home­page of the South African Rev­enue Ser­vice.

SARS eFil­ing:
SARS eFil­ing is a sim­ple, free and secure means of inter­act­ing
with SARS via the inter­net.
View SARS eFiling

SARS Travel E Log­book — 2012/2013:
Tax­pay­ers who receive a travel allowance are allowed to claim
a deduc­tion for the use of their pri­vate vehi­cle for busi­ness
pur­poses. To claim a deduc­tion, your mileage must be recorded
as set out on the page link below. You can also down­load an
E-logbook here to keep track of your mileage, mak­ing your
claim accu­rate when sub­mit­ting your tax return.
View SARS travel log book

Income Tax Cal­cu­la­tor — 2011/2012 / 2012/2013:
A use­ful tax cal­cu­la­tor. This only pro­vides an esti­mate. We will
be able to deter­mine your exact pay­ment after a tax con­sul­ta­tion.
By get­ting to know you as well as under­stand­ing your busi­ness,
we are able to guide you on what you can and can­not claim for,
ensur­ing your tax pay­ment is as accu­rate as pos­si­ble.
View Tax Calculator

Cur­rency Con­ver­tor:
A quick load­ing tool to eas­ily deter­mine exchange rates.
View Cur­rency Convertor


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